Discover age-old techniques

Visiting a mill means discovering techniques that are as up-to-date now as they ever were. An important lesson in the use of renewable energy!

  • Le moulin de Thévalles

    Le moulin de Thévalles

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • Le moulin de Thévalles

    The Thévalles mill at Chéméré-le-Roi near Saulges

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

  • Moulin de Thévalles - mécanisme

    Moulin de Thévalles - mécanisme

    © Photo : Moulinde Thévalles

  • Moulin de Thévalles - visite guidée

    Moulin de Thévalles - visite guidée

    © Photo : Moulinde Thévalles

  • Moulin de Thévalles

    Moulin de Thévalles

    © Photo : Moulinde Thévalles

  • Moulin des gués à Fontaine-Couverte

    Moulin à vent des Gués à Fontaine-Couverte

    © Photo : CDT53

  • Moulin Cavier à Grez-en-Bouère

    Moulin Cavier à Grez-en-Bouère

    © Photo : CDT53

For centuries, mills were the only means of processing products.
Specialists maintain that all modern engines are derived from milling techniques; the only difference is the source of the energy that drives them!
Mills were constructed in strategic locations: near a castle or an abbey, etc.

Curiosities in the department  :

- The Thévalles water-mill , still milling spelt flour. It was built in 1850 and has an unusual mechanism on four levels.
- Les Gués windmill  at Fontaine-Couverte. It dates from the early 19th century. It is a tower mill with three floors, the only windmill still working in Mayenne.
- The Cavier de la Guénaudière mill  at Grez en Bouère, built in the 18th century on a cellar covered over with earth. This type of mill, which first appeared in the 12th century, is the last of its kind in Mayenne.
- The Grand mill at Sainte-Suzanne  : old mill of Sainte Suzanne lords. It was used to grind the grain from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.
- Sainte-Suzanne , a Village of Character, is famous for its medieval fortress but also for its mills built on the Erve, including grain mills, tanning mills and paper mills…
The current owners of the mills have got together to form a study, advice and conservation group for this important element of our heritage.
A number of gîtes and B&Bs have been created in former mills.

European Mills Day

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