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  • Boeuf fermier du Maine

    Boeuf fermier du Maine

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Strolling through Mayenne’s country roads or sunken lanes, you can’t help but come across herds of cows with their calves, grazing peacefully under the trees, a salutary shelter from the sun, rain and wind…

The Maine Farm Beef Label
In the Coëvrons hills (in the east of Mayenne) and the surrounding area, the majority of cows come under the Maine Farm Beef Label.
This “Label Rouge” standard guarantees the production of superior quality beef which combines tradition with modernity, pleasure and health.
In order to obtain a good and tender meat, the cow spends most of its life in the open air. The calves are suckled by their mother in complete freedom up to the age of 5 months. They then roam vast shady meadows.
Time spent in cowsheds is limited to 5 months.

An association of producers
In the region today 1,200 qualified breeders, members of an association based in Evron, are working conscientiously to bring the best possible produce to consumers. They are following the advice of their grandparents: “Feed the animal well, feed the man well!”
Spot-checks are carried out at every level of the industry: breeding, food manufacture, point of sale... A large proportion of what is produced goes to the city and region of Paris, and throughout the area where the cattle were bred.
In Mayenne you can buy the beef from butchers or sample it in some of our restaurants.



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