Apples, cider, pommeau, perry...

Mayenne’s ciders , created using the expertise of producers, a skilful blend of apple varieties and just the right amount of sunshine, are being enjoyed more and more - an aperitif, an accompaniment to local cuisine, an ingredient, or simply to quench thirsts, both great and small, but always in moderation of course!

  • Cidre - Ferme du Pressoir

    Cidre - Ferme du Pressoir

    © Photo : Jean-Charles Druais

  • Produits cidricoles Duval Cornesse à La Brûlatte

    Produits cidricoles Duval Cornesse à La Brûlatte

    © Photo : Prisma

  • Pommeau - Ferme du Pressoir

    Pommeau - Ferme du Pressoir

    © Photo : Jean-Charles Druais

A bit of history
We have been drinking wines made from apples since the natural phenomenon of alcoholic fermentation was first discovered in ancient times.
The first recorded manufacture of cider, or rather “sydre”, was in Biscay in Spain in the 13th century.
Cider first arrived in France in the Auge Valley in Normandy and naturally became established throughout the country, most notably in the west.
In the 19th century cider became France’s second national drink after wine.
In Mayenne, cider brought happiness to many generations of harvesters, day-labourers and agricultural workers as they laboured in the fields.
The famous 'coup d’cit' (swig of cider) brought refreshment to all… Posters from before the First World War even claimed that it was better to drink cider than water, which was thought to be polluted. However, cider production would have gradually died out if the Mayenne people had not decided to replant half-standard apple tree orchards, to restore the granite cider mills and to organise a production system that had become outdated and verging on bizarre.
Nowadays, cider production in Mayenne is very much alive with orchards supplying cider, apple-juice and pommeau to, among others, restaurants and crêperies, both within the region and elsewhere.
Numerous medals have been awarded to our cider producers each year at the Paris Agricultural Show.
Producers regularly open their cellar doors during guided tours and at local produce markets.

Maine Pommeau – Appellation d’origine contrôlée(AOC)
Thanks to its quality, this apple liqueur has been granted AOC status.
Maine Pommeau is made from 70% apples containing phenolic compounds (tannins) and 30% acidic apples, with a drop of apple brandy. It is made from a selection of the best apple varieties grown in standard tree orchards.
The blend is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months.
Maine Pommeau is slightly sweeter and more rounded than its Norman and Breton cousins.
There are currently 7 producers in Mayenne and the geographical area covered by the AOC status includes 130 of our villages.

Sainte-Anne de Champfrémont Conservation Orchard
This orchard boasts 70 different species of apple trees and 20 species of pear trees, in a lovely pastoral setting.
A visit to the orchard will remind you that you are at the very heart of cider, calvados and pommeau production.